On May 31, 2017 all versions of prior to CMS 4.3.1 will reach the end of support.  If your organization is current on your yearly CMS maintenance renewal, you are eligible for an upgrade to the latest CMS version.

CMS versions 4.3.1+ continue to be improved and include the availability of the following features:

  • Java Keystore Management
  • F5 Certificate Management
  • Apache Server Certificate Management
  • Public CA support (e.g. Entrust, Symantec)
  • Mac Auto enrollment
  • New Metadata types
  • Significant SSL scanning and discovery improvements
  • CA sync from non-forest CAs
  • Certificate enrollment workflow
  • ECC support
  • Search and report abilities on self-signed certificates
  • Numerous performance enhancements

CMS Versions - End of Support

The following versions will reach their end of support on May 31, 2017.

CRT 1.0.x 
CRT 2.0.x
CMS 3.0.x
CMS 4.0.x
CMS 4.1.x
CMS 4.2.x
CMS 4.3.0

No upgrades, updates or technical fixes will be provided beyond May 31, 2017. CSS will continue to answer configuration questions until December 31, 2017. After December 31, 2017 all technical assistance will cease.

What happens if you don’t upgrade?

After May 31, 2017 no upgrades, updates or technical fixes will be released for CMS versions 4.3.0 and below. If your yearly CMS maintenance is active you may upgrade to the latest version of CMS and continue to receive upgrades, updates and configuration and technical support.

Transitioning to the Latest Version of CMS

If you have any questions regarding support for your version, scheduling your upgrade, or to review new benefits and features, please contact your Client Success Manager by e-mailing success@css-security.com .